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2024 Shakopee Cup

This past weekend the Bemidji Extreme teams from Bemidji Youth Soccer competed in the 3 day Shakopee Cup tournament. 15 teams made the trip to the cities, with five 9 and 10 year old teams playing in a jamboree format. The 10 remaining teams, 5 boys and 5 girls played in a tournament format with championship potential on the line. 3 Girls teams earned the championship game and all 3 won their brackets. The U12 girls, U14 girls and U16 girls all hoisted the trophy on Sunday. Three boys teams reached the Championship game only to finish 2nd. The U11 boys lost 4-1 to Byron. The U15 boys lost 2-1 to Lakeville and the U19 boys lost in PK's to Minneapolis United Premier. 

Shakopee Cup U14 Girls Champions!

The U14 girls went 2 and 1 in pool play and then got redemption in the final match, reversing their only loss of the tournament against the Xolos Soccer Club from Brainerd. The final tally in the championship game was 3-2.  2 goals in the final game were scored by Hannah Quinn, 1 by Halle Hofstad and Arden Strowbrdge stopped a penalty kick in the final 2 minutes to seal the win. Front row: (LtoR) Arden Strowbridge, Mila Acosta, Maci Boell, Halle Aylesworth, Rylinn Larson, Emma Bokovoy, Mia Renn, Brooklyn Schulke. Back row (LtoR) Charly Martinka, Halle Hofstad, Brielle, Warriner, Hannah Quinn, Brooke Brunette, Rylee Story, Riley Knutson, Ella Leffelman, Taygen Melcher.  Team is coached by Dan Gannon. 

Shakopee Cup U12 Girls Champions!

The U12 girls won all 4 of the games handily beating their teams by a combined score of 41 to 4. Front Row Bailey Klaers & Samantha Barkholtz. Middle Row (LtoR) Stella Carey, Emilee Swanson, Mariah Johnson. Back row: (LtoR) Annabelle Wuori, Taylor Podmore, Riella Ceballos, Eliza Chaffee, Estelle Whiting. Team is coached by Laci Podmore and Corina Whiting 

Shakopee Cup U16 Girls Champions!

The U16 girls won all 4 of their games beating Edina in the final 4-0. Goalie: Brynn Klaers, Front Row: (LtoR) Noah Stowe, Kylie Bellino, Zivah Zebro, Taylor Merschman, Mya Thompson, Tatum Winter. Back Row: (LtoR) Greer Simula, Raeghan Baird, Ella Willford, Stella Schoonover, Abby Bokovoy, Stella Nicholson, Megan Johnson, Cambria Lee. Team is Coached by John Nicholson.

Why Tournament Only?

We get asked why our club is tournament only a couple times a year. We do have an option to play in a "league" that included teams from Detroit Lakes, Fargo, Fergus Falls, Walker, Brainerd, Thief River Falls and East Grand Forks during the 2023 summer season (Season = May 22nd - July 5th 2023).  They play a "cluster game" format.  2 or 3 short games per night (20mn halves)  Below are the reasons we do not play in this league.

Each age group and gender play on different nights of the week.

U10 girls and boys - Saturday

U12G - Tuesdays

U14 & 19G Thursdays

U12B - Mondays

U14B & 19B - Wednesdays

Did you notice no U16 age group?  If they wanted to play this past season they would of been in the U19 age group.

I calculated the mileage you would drive if you had one player on a team participating in this league.  I also calculated  the average time they would return home from games.

Total Mileage: 1,116

Average time they returned home on a weeknight with the first game starting at 6pm and last game starting at 8pm = 10:45PM

If you have 2 players in the program you can double the mileage and add a second night during the week you get home at 10:45pm

BYS would still expect teams to practice twice a week and have your player at practice both nights.

I estimated the total mileage to the tournaments we attended this year to be 1,718 miles.  If you have one player in the program the league might make sense, however every family with 2 or more players it just does not work. 

Other added cost = Join MYSA $100.00 per U10 team and $200.00 per U11 and older teams .  MYSA club fee = $300.00  When Bemidji host the cluster games, we are responsible for paying the refs for all games played in Bemidji  (however in the past teams from Fergus Falls and Fargo would not drive to Bemidji for games during the week)



Second session rec soccer registration - OPEN

If you have questions, please contact Rick -

Second Session Rec Soccer Registration

Second Session Rec Soccer Registration team page

If you need to order your Extreme uniform. If you need fan gear. If you need a new Extreme Adidas bag. This link will take you directly to our Extreme FA page on

2024 Tournaments

Shakopee May 17-19
Fargo June 21-23
Grand Forks June 28-30
Detroit Lakes July 12-13


US Youth Soccer – Code Of Conduct For Soccer Spectators

1. As spectators we will refrain from booing or yelling at officials at any time during a match because we are aware of the following:

a. Such behavior on our part sets a poor example of sportsmanship.
b. Such behavior reflects negatively on our community, our team, our players and us.
c. Most youth soccer officials have had limited experience and formal
training and do the best job they can, given these limitations.
d. Most soccer officials make correct calls even though we sometimes see
the incident otherwise.
e. If officials do make incorrect calls during a match, the following
circumstances usually apply:

i. The number of poor calls usually balances out for both teams.
ii. No one is perfect.
iii. The officials don’t have the same observation point afforded the
spectators sitting in the bleachers.
iv. An occasional incorrect call seldom affects the outcome of a
v. There are more effective channels for correcting poor officiating
than verbal abuse during the match.
vi. We don’t really know how difficult it is to officiate a soccer match
until we’ve run on the ‘pitch’ in the official’s ‘boots.’

2. During a match we will refrain from yelling at players on either team because we are aware of the following:

a. They are young people, not soccer professionals, who, due to limited
playing experience and great enthusiasm, may make mistakes.
b. Encouragement and praise should be made in public; constructive
criticism is best made in private.
c. The coach is the best equipped to analyze and correct deficiencies in
soccer skills. Our attempts to be helpful in this respect may only confuse
the players.
d. The golden rule applies. Treat other players with the courtesy, respect and consideration, which we want other supporters to show our own players.

3. At soccer matches we will refrain from being argumentive or using abusive
language towards supporters of the players on the opposing team because we are aware of the following:

a. Others are judging us on our actions and words. We will always strive to insure that the results of this judgment are a verdict of SPORTSMANSHIP.
b. We will conduct ourselves in such a courteous and restrained manner that if called upon to do so, we could line up in front of the bleachers after the match and shake hands with each supporter of the opposing team in the same way players are expected to do after each match.

4. If our team loses, we will demonstrate our ability to cope with the loss in both deed and word, because we are aware of the following:

a. In soccer, as in other aspects of life, it is not always possible to win no
matter how supreme the effort.
b. When victory eludes us, we must learn to accept it as graciously as we do our triumphs.
c. It may be just possible that a loss is due to the fact that the opposing team played the match better than our team.
d. Our players should learn from our reactions to a loss that:

i. We feel they played their best; which just wasn’t good enough on
this particular day.
ii. They should hold their heads up high; there is no shame attached to honest effort – win or lose.
iii. There is always something to learn from a loss.
iv. There is nothing gained from brooding; players should be
encouraged to put the match behind them and look forward to the
next opportunity to play.
v. Seeking scapegoats, such as ‘biased officials’, ‘poor turf’, or ‘poor
performance by one or two teammates’ is not a mature or healthy
reaction to the loss. Such a crutch prevents acceptance of reality.

5. Whether away from or at the field, our words and actions should convey a
philosophy of soccer which includes:

a. The real purpose of soccer competition is to have FUN, to be able to
participate to improve skills, to learn sportsmanship, to develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline, to develop a group loyalty and
comradeship, to learn to compete within established rules, to accept
decisions of authorized officials, to seek interpretation or change through proper channels and to develop sound minds and bodies.


Please understand that YOUR behavior has consequences and if YOU fail to follow the player and/or parent code of conduct YOU may lose YOUR privilege of attending events with teams that represent Bemidji Youth Soccer and Bemidji Extreme FA in the future.


Please try to utilize our sponsoring businesses. They help us to improve Bemidji Soccer! 

Thank You!

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